Developing SOFT SKILLS

Soft skills are learned behaviors which require training and focused application. Soft Skills Training in Vadodara  with BUSINESS BOOSTERS that enables an individual with a strong conceptual and practical framework to build, develop and manage teams. It plays an important role in the development of an individual’s overall personality, thereby enhancing their career prospects. Training in soft skills provides strong practical orientation to an individual and helps in building and improving their skills in communication, the effective use of English, business correspondence, presentations, team-building, leadership, time management, group discussions, interviews and interpersonal skills. It also helps in career visioning and planning.

The ability to deal with one’s feelings and understand the feelings of others in any given situation helps one to complement academic intelligence / cognitive capacities (IQ) with a humane understanding of issues. This ability is known as Emotional Intelligence or Soft Skills.

Soft Skills have two parts. One part involves developing attitudes and attributes, and the other part involves fine-tuning communication skills to express attitudes, ideas and thoughts well. Crucial to successful work is the perfect integration of ideas and attitudes, with appropriate communication skills in oral, written and non-verbal areas. Attitudes and skills are integral to soft skills.

Soft Skills training include lectures, projects, role plays, quizzes and various other participatory sessions. The emphasis will be on learning by doing. As the training should be experiential and highly interactive, the individual will imbibe the skills and attributes in a gradual and subtle way and also internalize them over a period of time. Soft skills are about enabling and empowering.

Soft skills are intangible qualities required for full development of an individual.